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Sundyne Technological Gas Compressors

Sundyne Technological Gas Compressors

Natural Gas (extraction and technology)

  • regeneration
  • gas transportation
  • booster compressors
  • nitrogen
  • demethanizer

Chemical Industry

  • regeneration
  • polypropylene and polyethylene recycling
  • ethylene
  • reactor feed/circulation

Power Industry

  • booster compressors
  • air spraying

Chemical Industry

  • chlorine, ammonia
  • hydrogen recycling
  • exhaust gas, purge gas
  • cooling
  • СО2/СО
  • nitrogen


  • hydrogen recycling
  • gas transportation
  • booster compressors
  • hydrogen-containing gas
  • butane
  • gas boosters
  • sulphidation, desulfurization
  • MTBE

Sundyne Compressors Concept and Benefits

  • the highest class of design, manufacture and quality of compressors
  • high-speed Sundyne construction (API-617 standard) for replacing multi-stage and piston design
  • integral lubrication system
  • it is possible to replace the diffuser for further modernization
  • highly reliable technological construction of dry gas seals
  • minimal gas leakage both in idle and in operation mode
  • compactness, minimum amount of metals and number of parts
  • high-performance impellers, with 1 mm nominal clearance
  • maximum efficiency without degrading performance
  • high-strength body, with maximum working pressure of 100 bar
  • highly reliable and technological Sundyne construction, with maximum speed of 50000 rpm
  • simple and inexpensive maintenance

The Latest Technology in the Field of Compressors

Company ENCE GmbH supplies single- and multi-stage centrifugal compressors designed for reliable operation in accordance with API-61 7, as well as for general industrial applications. These compressors are optimized using computer models so that their performance fully meets your technical requirements.

Sundyne compressors allow continuous operation at both rating values and low flow rates, and also provide protection over the entire length of the characteristic using drive motors of minimum sizes.

Modular Design Concept

Speed-up Gear Module

Top class design, workmanship and quality

  • Gears, 11, 12 and 13 AGMA degree of quality
  • Pick-up gear ratios allow you to optimize the speed of rotation in accordance with the technological requirements

Integral sealed lubrication system

  • A mechanical seal is used to seal the lubricating oil on the high-speed shaft
  • The system includes a sump, an oil filter and an internal oil pump driven by the input shaft

Option positions

  • Lubrication system in accordance with API-614
  • Additional oil primary lubrication pump
  • Lubricating oil heat exchanger (water or air)
  • Lubricating oil pressure/temperature relay or sensors
  • Vibration detection system
  • Bearing thermocouples
  • Additional options

Speed-up gear replacement program

  • Speed-up gear replacement with full annual warranty is available
  • Simplifies maintenance
  • Minimizes downtime

Technological Module

High-speed design

  • Ratio of pressure from 1:1 to 3:1 per stage
  • Ability to work at high and low temperatures
  • Efficiency of a multi-stage model with the simplicity of a single-stage model
  • Compact size
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fewer components reduce the amount of expensive special alloy elements
  • Design in accordance with API-617 is available

Computer optimization

  • Optimum performance is achieved by selecting the working speed, the impeller diameter and the diffuser diameter/clearance
  • Maximization of efficiency

Mechanical Seal Flexibility

  • With and without cartridge design is available
  • The same seal housing is capable of accepting single, double, and tandem seal design, which simplifies readjusting in field conditions
  • Oil-free transportation in case of gas-tight seals
  • No need for expensive seal support systems required for gas-tight seals
  • Gas-tight and hydraulic seals are also available
  • Special seals for special requirements
  • Design in accordance with API-614 is available

Compressor Impeller

  • Impeller design allows operation with very large nominal clearances (0.040” or 1mm)
  • No degradation in performance over time
  • High performance impellers available

Replaceable diffusers

  • Allow to change compressor performance in the same casing
  • Easily replaced in field conditions.

Durable casings

  • Standard flanges 600# ANSI standard
  • Operating pressures up to 1440 psi or 100 bar

Efficiency of installation

  • Standard tube dimensions

Vertical or horizontal installation depending on the specific conditions of the object

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