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Canned Electric Pumps


Company ENCE GmbH offers a wide range of canned electric pumps in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Engineering company ENCE GmbH (Switzerland) together with its service engineering companies LLC INTECH GmbH (Moscow, Russia), LLC INTECH SA (Almaty, Kazakhstan), and LLC INTECH SA (Kiev, Ukraine) supplies a wide range of industrial canned electric pumps made in Japan for oil and gas enterprises in the CIS countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkmenistan), as well as in other areas where customers need a stable and high-quality pumping equipment.

ENCE GmbH provides high-quality services, fast delivery and excellent after-sale pump service.

Main Types of Canned Electric Pumps

General purpose electric pumps

Possible design: vertical, horizontal.
Number of impellers: single-stage, multi-stage.
Wide application in industry: from neutral to aggressive media, from vacuum to high pressures, as well as low and medium temperatures.

Pumped liquids: acetone, butanol, amines, water, sulfuric acid, phenol, methanol, etc.

Electric pumps for use in high temperature processes

Possible design: vertical, horizontal.
Pumped liquids: terminol, silicone oil, hot mixes, etc.

Electric pumps for volatile fluids

Possible design: vertical or horizontal design with reverse circulation for light hydrocarbons.
Number of impellers: single-stage, multi-stage.
Pumped liquids: methane, ethane, ammonia, pentane, freon, vinyl acetate, etc.

Technical Parameters of Hermetic Canned Pumps

Pumping capacity: 40 m3/min
Head: 750 m
Fluid temperature: -200... -450°C

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