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Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps

Company ENCE GmbH offers the following centrifugal pumps:

Single-Stage Centrifugal Pumps

Heavy oil pumps with volute casing

Designed for pumping neutral and corrosive liquids
Specially designed for hot liquids and high feed pressure

Main features:

  • Design for extreme operating conditions
  • Large stable bearing
  • Flexible shaft for minimal deflection
  • Grease in oil bath with cooling
  • Shaft sleeve mechanical seal with intensive cooling
  • For high inlet pressure
  • For high temperatures

Operating parameters

DN: 32 – 50 mm
PN:: 10 – 160 bar
Q: 20 – 850 m³/h
H: 10 – 320 m

Various shaft seals:

  • Gland (single, double);
  • Mechanical seal;
  • Magnetically driven.

Special features

  • Bearings with circulating lubrication
  • With magnetic drive for high operating pressure
  • With heating / cooling
  • Tolerance of type execution according to TRD

Oil Pumps with an Open Impeller

For clean, contaminated, aggressive, neutral liquids pumping.

  • Volute type horizontal pump in process design with an axial inlet and an open impeller
  • Wearing wall design
  • Adjustable impeller
  • Can be equipped with an inducer

Various shaft seals:

  • Gland (single, double)
  • Mechanical seal (any type)

Operating parameters:
DN: 32 mm
PN: 10 – 40 bar
Q: 20 m³/h max
H: 10 – 150 m

Special features:

  • With magnetic coupling;
  • With heating / cooling of the housing, seal, bearing.

Chemical pumps with volute casing

Pumps with a volute casing were invented for pumping of aggressive, poisonous, explosive, hot and cold liquids in process installations of any type.

Main features:

  • Modular design
  • Bearing support in stable design with deflection of shaft according to ISO5199
  • Design with inducer for particularly critical suction conditions

Shaft seals:

  • Single and cooled gland
  • Double flush gland
  • Mechanical seal
  • Single mechanical seal with flush
  • Magnetic coupling

Multistage Centrifugal High Pressure Pumps

Designed for the transfer of hydrocarbons and pure corrosive liquids.

Main features:

  • Modular principle (convenient for supply with spare parts)
  • Greater durability due to durable performance
  • Compensation of axial shear by piston and disc discharge
  • Any shaft seal, optional design with cooling
  • Low NPSH values, optional version with inducer
  • Suction housing design: the arrangement of the nozzles as a standard can be changed to any position
  • Operation in inconvenient conditions for liquid inflow due to topping NPSH Impeller
  • High strength due to large-sized bearings

Operating parameters
DN: 32 – 200 mm
PN: 160 bar max
Q: 500 m³/h max
H: 1600 m max

Possible designs:

  • Horizontal installation on legs, different arrangement of nozzles
  • With suspension in the middle for high temperature of the medium
  • With NPSH Impeller and axial inlet
  • With magnetic clutch, special version for use with hot water
  • Vertical space-saving insallation

Centrifugal Vertical Barrel Pumps

Centrifugal vertical barrel pumps are used where stable pumping parameters must be achieved at low feed heights.

Pumped liquid:

  • Condensate in power plants and in heating systems
  • Hydrocarbons in the chemical industry and petroleum engineering
  • With magnetic coupling, special version for use with hot water
  • Slightly aggressive water in the concentration plants.

Operating parameters:
DN: 32 – 200 mm
PN: 100 bar max
Q: 500 m³/h max
H: 400 m max

Shaft sealing:
Shaft sealing is performed in accordance with the operating conditions by means of mechanical seals or stuffing box packing. The cartridge seal is optionally available.

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