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Innovations in Power Engineering

Today one of the most burning problems in the world is the abuse of environment and air pollution as a result of chemical, thermal, mechanical activities of mankind and industry. In the nearest future, demand for energy resources growth, will aggravate a human influence on the atmosphere. Mankind will be faced with urgent requirement of environmental protection, as well as search for the new alternative energy-saving technologies.

Energy units

These stations produce the electric energy on basis of the energy units. An energy unit is designed to generate heat and electricity from the fuel with high content of hydrogen. One of the advantages of this ambitious unique method is that there is no combustion process in the energy unit and owing to flameless electrochemical reaction our consumer receives “pure” heat and electricity.

These advanced power plants can use a number of different fuels: methanol, propane, synthesis gas, associated gas, natural gas, pure hydrogen.

Besides energy-saving optimization of the existing power stations this innovation includes engineering of new technologies leading to productivity improvement, profitability rise, increase of the profit rate of an enterprise.

Thereby ENCE GmbH settles two issues by one offer: environmental protection and application of advanced energy-saving technologies of the XXI century.

Advantages of this unique method are:

  • Innovative energy generation, free from emissions of greenhouse gas, detrimental impurities, burning residues
  • Ability to work under any weather conditions, no special foundation is required
  • Low cost price of electric power
  • Do not require capital costs and long-term maintenance
  • Direct conversion of chemical fuel energy into electricity and heat energy
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Modular compact design
  • Wide range of electric power from 10 kW to 10 MW
  • High efficiency coefficient of 80-95%
  • Absence of noise and vibration, no high-wear parts
  • Do not require maintenance of the modular assemblies in the first years of operation life

Power stations (more than 1MW)

ENCE GmbH Company offers the following range of the power stations:

Main features

  • Quite operation, absence of vibration
  • High safety margin
  • High efficiency and capability
  • Environmentally appropriate application
  • Energy-saving technology

Range of application

  • Industrial enterprises
  • Heat and electricity generation systems
  • Fuel reserve systems

Energy unit

Operation parameters
Technical data Station 1 Station 2 Station 3
Rated power 300 (kW) 1 400 (kW) 2 800 (kW)
Standard output AC voltage 480 (V) 480 (V) 13 800 (V)
Lower heat value 45-49 (%) 45-49 (%) 45-49 (%)
Fuel consumption:
Natural gas (at 8340 kcal/m3)
1.1 (m3/min) 5.1 (m3/min) 10.2 (m3/min)
Pollutant emissions:

4.5 (g/MW-h)
0.045 (g/MW-h)

4.5 (g/MW-h)
0.045 (g/MW-h)

4.5 (g/MW-h)
0.045 (g/MW-h)
Greenhouse gas emissions:

444 (kg/ MW-h)

444 (kg/ MW-h)

444 (kg/ MW-h)

Station 1

Overall width 6080 mm
Overall length 8512 mm
Height to outlet hole 4408 mm
Height to air-intake filter 4590 mm
Height of station electric part 3587 mm
Station weight, ton
Electric part 6.8
Mechanical part 12.2
Energy units 15.9

Station 2

Station weight, ton
Main process module 22.7
Electric part 22.7
Energy units 48.5
Water purification module 9.1

Station 3

Station weight, ton
Main process module 22.7
Electric part 22.7
Energy units 48.5
Water treatment module 9.1

Moreover, ENCE GmbH Company offers other kinds of power stations with the power above 1MW:

  • 1. Coal gas energy-saving plant
  • 2. Propane energy-saving plant
  • 3. Main line decompression system
  • 4. Hybrid systems of electricity, heat and cold generation
    • 4.1 Hybrid system "energy unit – gas turbine"
    • 4.2 Hybrid system "energy unit – absorption refrigerator"
    • 4.3 Hybrid system "energy unit – steam utilizer"

Midrange power stations (up to 1MW)

Main features

  • Used for combined generation of electricity, heat and cold
  • Ability to use a wide range of fuels
  • High efficiency coefficient
  • Carbon dioxide emission is 40% less than an emission of a standard gas power station
  • Minimum poison emission

Range of application

  • Coolhouses
  • Supermarkets
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Sport and medical centers
  • Autonomous objects and buildings
  • Offices
  • Remote areas
  • Process stream production
Energy savings: melted carbonate energy unit technology

This energy unit consists of three parts:

  • gas preparation unit
  • energy unit basic module with mixing chamber for fresh air, fuel battery, cathode and anode gas, two fans, and radiator
  • system control module, DC-to-AC inverter
Power industry innovations: power stations based on solid-oxide energy units

The main advantages of these innovative energy units are:

  • Inexpensive materials
  • Output-input ratio
  • High efficiency rating
  • Power of one module composed of energy units is about 100 kW
  • Each solid-oxide energy unit can generate over 25 W
  • Mobility

Portable power stations (up to 1 kW) and small power stations (up to 50 kW)

Main features

  • High safety margin
  • Do not require constant maintenance
  • Ecologically friendly
  • High energy-saving level

Range of application

  • Telecommunications
  • Portable units
  • Consumer electronics
  • Security systems
  • Cellular communications
  • House heating
  • Elevator operation systems

Power range: 250 W–15 kW