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Reciprocating Piston Pumps

Reciprocating Piston Pumps

ENCE GmbH offers to your attention mobile and stationary reciprocating piston pumps of high and ultra-high pressure with operating parameters up to 3000 bar and water flow up to 900 l/m, equipped with an electric motor or internal combustion engine, a plunger pump, control and monitoring devices and accessories.

  • Protective frame
  • Pneumatic controlled start controlled by external compressed air and control panel
  • Earthing of electrical parts
  • Cooling system for exhaust gases
  • Gas sensor
High-pressure piston pumps with a power up to 133 kW, operating pressure up to 750 bars and a flow rate up to 229 l/m
  • Pump drive with forced oil lubrication
  • Variable gear ratio
  • Pump head in rectangular design
  • Maintenance-free plunger gasket
  • High durability and efficiency

Power (max): 18 ... 162 kW
Operating pressure (max): 200 ... 750 bar
Flow rate (max): 129 ... 228 l/min

High-pressure piston pumps for water with abrasive up to 255 kW, operating pressure up to 300 bars and a flow rate up to 654 l/m
  • Are used to work with water containing granular or fibrous solid particles
  • Easy removal or replacement of worn parts
  • Reliable insulation even when working with abrasive

Power (max): 106 ... 780 kW
Operating pressure (max): 320 ... 400 bar
Flow rate (max): 407 ... 1679 l/min)
Weight: 320 ... 2610 kgs

Compact high-pressure plunger pumps up to 1000 bar
  • Two-head pump head
  • Long service life
  • Light weight
  • Water sealing system
  • High performance

Power (max): 51 kW
Operating pressure (max): 1000 bar
Flow rate (max): 41 l/min

High-pressure plunger pumps with an unloaded pump head and a central valve, with a capacity of up to 768 kW, operating pressure up to 1500 bars and flow rate up to 605 l/m
  • Forced lubrication and variable gear ratio
  • Armored cylinders
  • Replaceable plunger kit
  • High efficiency
  • Minimum pressure fluctuations

Power (max): 106 ... 768 kW
Working pressure (max): 1500 ... 1500 bar
Consumption (max): 136 ... 605 l/min

Piston pumps of ultrahigh pressure

Are used for cleaning and maintenance of industrial facilities, buildings and structures. These diesel systems produce pressures up to 3000 bars.

Operating pressure: max 3000 bar
Consumption: max 27 l/min

The main applications of piston pump products
Oil and gas industry

Due to economic reasons and the need to ensure safety, gas and oil production devices should be checked and serviced regularly. High-pressure piston pumps can be used for the following tasks: cleaning, coating removal, rust removal, cutting, disassembly as a universal technology. The following materials can be effectively removed: multilayered pressed coatings, porous coatings, asphalt, chemical impurities, loose paint layers, rubber, resin. With the help of abrasive water jet technologies, steel structures, steel-covered structures, tanks, pipelines, reinforced concrete, fibrous materials, glass, ceramics can be cut.

Chemical industry

High-pressure piston pumps find application in all branches of the chemical industry. They are used to clean equipment in production, during processing, transportation and storage of chemicals, such as autoclaves, filters, vessels, tanks, heat-exchangers and pipelines. Transportation of hazardous chemicals is another permanent problem for the chemical industry. To solve it, we offer special pumps for transportation of viscous and dough-like chemicals, abrasive chemicals with various solids loading and aggressive chemicals.

With the help of reciprocating piston pumps, the following materials can be removed: firmly adherent multilayer coatings, dirt, deposits, lining, paint systems, viscous deposits, worn protective coatings.

With the help of abrasive water jet ultra-high pressure technology, the following materials can be cut: ceramics, structural steels, fibrous materials, multilayer structures, pipeline elements, reinforced concrete.


Disinfection is the reduction of the number of hazardous materials (radioactive substances, heavy metals, chemicals) to the maximum permissible. The main materials to be removed can be dirt, coating systems or insulating materials. Decontamination may be necessary not only at nuclear facilities, but also at industrial and military sites.


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