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P-3000 Sundyne Pumps

Frame Pumps

Mounting the supplied pumps on a frame provides a huge variety of performance and flexibility in the use of drives: the use of electric motors, steam turbines and internal combustion engines.

Close Coupled Pumps

The one-piece pump design incorporates the proven construction of an integrated pump and motor — installing the pump directly on the motor. Such a design makes it possible to have light and compact equipment without base plates and reducing couplings. At the same time installation of the unit is facilitated and there is no need for coaxiality of the pump and the electric motor. Close coupled pumps are ideal for use in industries for which the use of pumps on the frame is undesirable.

P-3000 Pump Sectional Drawing

Technical data of P series pumps

Model Output, m3/h Head, m Power max, kW Speed,
Stages number Operating pressure max, bar Suction pressure max, bar Temperature range, C
Р-1500 7,5 396 7,5 13000-35000 1 70 9/14 -46 -179°C
Р-2000 41 792 45 6100-14700 1 105 18 -46 -179°C
Р-3000 114 1280 184 6700-17500 1 152 25 -46 -177°C


Standard materials of construction

Pump casing 316 S.S.
Mechanical seal casing 316 S.S.
Mechanical seal parts 316 S.S.
Impeller / Inducer 316 S.S.
Shaft sleeve 316 S.S.
Diffuser 316 S.S.
Shaft AISI4140/8620/9310
Toothed parts AISI4140/8620/9310
Reducer casing / frame Aluminum or cast iron
Special alloys By order

Electric motors of Sundyne Pumps

Horizontal, squirrel cage, asynchronous, integrated power, continuous load, industrial standards
Type: NEMA D flange (monoblock group) or on frame B3 (pump mounted on frame)

Pump and gear unit casing
Р-1500 Р-2000 Р-3000
Lubrication system Flinger
Lubricant ISO VG 32 Turbine oil
Volume, l 0,75 2-3 5,6-8,6
Gear wheel Helical, single coupling ПSpur, single coupling Spur, single coupling
Bearings Antifriction bearing Antifriction bearing Antifriction / sleeve-type bearing

After-Sales Service

ENCE GmbH Uzbekistan offers repair kits and spare parts, as well as full field service.

High speed shaft assembly replacement program

The engineering company ENCE GmbH provides you with the option of replacing the high-speed shaft of your pump assembly. You send us your old rotor and get an updated rotor at a discount, which will allow you to make significant savings. Quality, testing and warranty of the updated node are no different from the new high-speed shaft assembly.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance of the high-speed shaft assembly includes all rotating parts of the pump, mechanical seals and bearings. By unscrewing the pump housing mounting bolts, this unit is easily mounted / removed from the gear case. As it is not required to ensure alignment, measurement, adjustment of the shaft and mechanical seals - fast and error-free pump assembly is guaranteed. It takes less than an hour to replace, thereby minimizing equipment downtime.

Carrying out commissioning and technical assistance

Commissioning and technical assistance in servicing SUNFLO P-3000 pumps.

Technical assistance and advice on the operation of a Sundyne pump SUNFLO P-2000 for pumping hydrocarbon stabilized condensate at the Khauzak field (LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company, Bukhara).

Operation of Sundyne pumps at Maxam-Chichiq JSS for the production of carbamide.


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