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Refractories for ferrous metallurgy

Refractories for ferrous metallurgy
Applicable scope of refractory materials
  • Covers - ceramic fiber modules;
  • Roof archs - Plascast, Midcast, Mulcast;
  • Walls - Plascast, Plasgun, Midcast, Guncrete;
  • Burners - Plascast, Plasgun;
  • Heath - Hicast, Morflo, Plasram, TV-90, Midcast;
  • Beams - Morflo, Higun (for troweling);
  • Traveling hearths - LC 140, Hicast, Morflo, Midcast;
  • Burners - Plascast, Plasgun.

Types of heating furnaces and examples of the offered products application

Walking beam furnaces

Tubular heating furnaces

Walking hearth furnaces

Push furnaces

Rotary hearth furnaces

Bogie hearth furnaces

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