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Visit of the Specialists of Maxam-Chirchiq JSS to Sundyne Plant in Dijon, France

On April 10-12, 2019, specialists of the Maxam-Chirchiq JSS visited Sundyne plant in Dijon, France, where they had a look at the production of pumping equipment and spare parts for Sundyne pumps. During the talks, issues of cooperation and further operation and modernization of Maxam-Chirchiq JSS pumps were discussed.
A meeting was also held on the increasing number of cases of supply of counterfeit equipment under the Sundyne trademark, and measures were taken to prevent this fact.

Since 2002, the plant has been operating LMV-341 Z, LMV-322, LMV-806 Sundyne pumps in the production of carbamide. In particular, the unique sequential use of two LMV-341 Z pumps was used for pumping ammonia and carbamate solution with an outlet pressure of 200 bar and a flow rate of 40 m³/h.
In 2002, a group of mechanics from the carbamide workshop was trained at Sundyne plant in Dijon.

Maxam-Chirchiq JSS is one of the largest producers of mineral fertilizers in Uzbekistan. It produces ammonia, urea (carbamide), ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, mixed nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers, urea-ammonia mixture, ammonium carbonates, nitric acid, amino-formaldehyde resin, carbamide resin, ammonia synthesis catalysts, carbon oxide conversion catalysts, nickel and chromia-alumina catalysts.

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