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DSMR-UZ CHIRCHIQ Burners Presentation for Representatives of RUSTAVIAZOT Chemical Plant

in December 2014

01.12.2014. Representatives of RUSTAVIAZOT Chemical Plant from sunny Georgia visited Tashkent office of ENCE GmbH.

Rustavsky Azot Chemical Plant produces mineral fertilizers, ammonia, sodium cyanide, nitric acid, ammonia water, and other products. It is the only producer of nitrogen fertilizers in the South Caucasus region. Construction of the plant began in 1947. The plant is located near town Rustavi, 23 km south from Tbilisi. Rustavi is 25 km from Azerbaijan and 110 km from Armenia borders. Today Rustavsky Azot is the largest industrial enterprise in Georgia.

Tashkent office held a presentation of DSMR-UZ CHIRCHIQ Burners. The presentation was conducted by Marat Bayzakov, technical specialist, the Deputy Head of Uzbek representative office.

The following features of DSMR-UZ CHIRCHIQ Burners were discussed during the presentation:

  • Air staged combustion
  • Vortexual fuel combustion
  • Smart distribution of heat (INFURNOx™)
  • Easy cleaning and replacement of the nozzles
  • Energy saving at medium and low capacity (low energy consumption of the furnace)
  • Ultra-low NOx emission
  • CFD
  • Each burner is certified against ISO 9001
  • Certificates of pressure tests, material grades, sand blasting and etc.

After the presentation, the Georgian specialists visited JSS “Maxam-Chirchiq”, where had a look at the vertical firing burners DSMR-UZ CHIRCHIQ in function.

For the development of new DSMR burners, the information about operating conditions is collected at the customer’s site. After developing of the burners, our specialists will install one pilot burner on-site. The following parameters are received in the course of operation: CFD modeling, gas temperature in plane, CO in plane, molar fraction, for further analysis and adjustment the burner under the operating conditions of the customer’s plant.

During the visit, our guests saw the sights of Tashkent:

By tradition, all our guests enjoy the real Uzbek plov: