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Installation and commissioning of vertical burners of the primary reforming furnace in the ammonia production at JSC MAKSAM — CHIRCHIK

December 2015

In December 2015 the production and engineering company ENCE GmbH service engineers have successfully completed the installation and commissioning of the vertical burners set in the primary reforming furnace of the ammonia production at JSC MAKSAM-CHIRCHIK plant.

This event was preceded by long systematic work on preparation of the technical specification for the replacement of outdated burners with a more efficient solution, which would allow increasing the efficiency of natural gas combustion and therefore saving on gas consumption and a significant reduction of CO and NOx emissions in the atmosphere.

MAKSAM CHIRCHIK experts and ENCE GmbH engineers have held a detailed discussion on the optimal design of the burners. Together with the burners manufacturer John Zink (Luxembourg) they carried out a presentation of the burners’ new design, and then the first batch of the samples were tested directly on the current production.

After commissioning of the whole set of 260 vertical burners, the final results confirmed the expected calculations. Consumption of gas in the reforming furnace fell to 5%, the NOx emission fell below 50 mg/m3, CO emissions are significantly decreased.

The unique shape of the flame created by the burners of the new generation eliminates the possibility of the flame direct contact with the expensive reaction tubes, which will increase the lifetime of the centrifugal-cast pipes and the life of the primary reforming catalyst.

We are confident that the engineering work and the successful commissioning of the new generation burners carried out by our specialists will find wide application in other ammonia production areas.

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