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Checkup and Fine Adjustment of Vertical Firing Burners in Reformer at Fargonaazot JSC

in September 2017

On January 6-7, 2017, Marat Bayzakov, technician of ENCE GmbH, visited Fargonaazot JSC in order to check the operation of vertical firing burners and make an appropriate fine adjustment.

Throughout the checkup the following aspects were found:

  • central premix tips of several burners were off due to excessive heat in the row, particularly around the lifting tube;
  • ball valves of the several burners were in semi-open/semi-closed position,
  • air registers not opened enough at high capacity,
  • negative pressure in the furnace was critical (under -4 mm H2O).

All above problems were corrected during the fine adjustment of the furnace. The portable gas analyzer showed very low concentration of oxygen (0.38% - 1.50%). By means of air register dampers the oxygen concentration in flue gases was adjusted to 2.0% - 2.5%, with stable flame and without straw color.

After the adjustment, was held a meeting with specialists of the plant. At the meeting were discussed the causes of inappropriate operation of the burners after the significant changes of the technological mode. During the discussions was stressed the importance of the correct and timely adjustment of air register dampers, keeping the negative pressure in the furnace which is necessary for air entry, and the uniform distribution of furnace heat.

One of the main differences of DSMR-UZ FERGHANA Burners from the old models is that after significant changes in technological mode (large rise of furnace loading; catalyst replacement) the burners require fine adjustment. It may seem to be a time-taking process, but it proves itself since the fine adjustment is necessary for correct burning process and natural gas saving.