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Oil Screw Pumps

Screw pumps for inclined wells (underground medium pumping)

Technical parameters:

  • maximum pressure 3500 psi;
  • maximum productivity 60000 bpd;
  • temperature up to 3500 С with hydraulic two-screw drive.


  • electric submersible oil pumps;
  • oil pumps with top drive;
  • oil pumps with hydraulic drive.


  • Pumping the medium directly from the source allows you to increase productivity;
  • Reducing the size of the pump;
  • Oil pumps with hydraulic drive;
  • Capacity monitoring by changing the speed and the temperature;
  • Ability to move large volumes of media to the surface;
  • Elimination of the need to use all land-based facilities up to commercial reservoirs.
Screw pumps for aboveground pumping

Technical parameters:

  • pressure up to 3500 psi;
  • from 150 to 350,000 bpd;
  • adiabatic compression.


  • Combined version (twin-screw compressor / multiphase pump);
  • Special construction with mechanical seal expansion joint;
  • With sealed gland for high pressure / high temperatures.


  • Reduction of back pressure at the pump well;
  • Combined use of several wells with one pump or several small pumps with one large well;
  • Pumping the medium over long distances;
  • Replacement of existing compressors and displacement of the entire volume of the medium.
Screw pumps for underwater pumping

Technical parameters:

  • Pressure up to 3500 psi;
  • Maximum power 2.6 MW;
  • Operating depth up to 3,000 m.


  • With pressure compensation system;
  • Vertical and horizontal installation;
  • Technology of pumping medium from inclined wells for underwater performance.


  • Power reduction;
  • High temperature potential;
  • Excellent capacity control, reduced pressure on the suction.
Modular Technology

The use of modular technology makes it possible to achieve extremely high discharge pressures for each pump.

Increase the operational life of bearings by eliminating the possibility of mutual contact between the metal surfaces of bearings as a result of the use of hydrostatic bearings.

Modular technology allows simultaneous operation of all pairs of screws to achieve high discharge pressures. Using adiabatic screws of different sizes provides more economical energy consumption, less medium slippage and higher productivity.

The main components are equipped with remote control clutches. Ubiquitous use of pressure, temperature, and vibration sensors.

Technology for chemical, petrochemical and gas processing industries is available

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